Bradenton Florida Wildlife Trapping

As urban areas experience an increase in populations of animals, Bradenton homeowners may encounter raccoons, opossums and rats or other nuisance wildlife for the first time and not be fully prepared to deal with an intrusion. While wildlife plays an important role in nature, this Bradenton wildlife can become a nuisance and a health threat when they come too close and sometimes into people’s Bradenton homes or commercial properties. If you suspect a rat infestation or hear animals walking around your attic or even in your Bradenton home's walls, call Rodent Solutions, for trapping, removal and even repair of the damage done by nuisance wildlife in your Bradenton home or commercial property.

During the cooler months, wild animals are more apt to wander closer to human environments as they search for food and shelter. Some Bradenton homes, more than others will be more inviting to these animals. Homes that are located near wildlife habitats such as forest preserves, parks, golf courses, rivers or creeks, railroad tracks, and vacant buildings and have a presence of mature trees in the yard or the neighborhood are more likely to be visited by wildlife. Don't think that just because you have a newer Bradenton home, nuisance wildlife can't get in. Even new Bradenton homes can have slight design flaws that will allow animals a way in.

The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) reminds homeowners who may encounter a wild animal on their Bradenton property to contact a local wildlife or pest control professional instead of attempting to remove it on their own.  Experienced wildlife removal experts know how to approach the animal and trap it while avoiding being bitten.  Even though an animal may not exhibit signs of rabies, it doesn’t mean it is not a carrier of the virus.

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